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Will Ward

Mat Pilates Teacher Training ~ Studio Pilates


Why are you passionate about what you teach

I have always been passionate about movement. It makes me happy to see students get excited about reaching their goals.

How would you describe your classes 

With a burning desire to deliver informative classes through the use of imagery, paired with a fun and energetic nature, all students can expect a fun time while working through exercises and perhaps exploring some new ones! 

Your favourite holiday destination

Though I'm a country boy, I have a beach boy heart. Not only do I love taking strolls along the beach and dipping myself in the ocean water, I also adore what the salt water does for my hair! 

Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

I enjoy exploring and creating new ways of moving. When I'm not doing that, I'm usually on the hunt for a good Eggs Benny or re-watching Bob's Burgers with a face mask! 

What inspires you

I am inspired by the creative process, and also, of non-conventional ideas. One of my favourite artists is Michael Clark. 

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