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Thana Bua

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Vinyasa Yoga Australia 

 300hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training ~ Shiva Yoga Peeth, India 

100hr The Heart of Yoga Teaching ~ BodyMindLife

50hr Advance Energetic Assisting ~ BodyMindLife

60hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training ~ Jo Phee Yinspiration 

Pilates Mat Teacher Training ~ Studio Pilates 

Why are you passionate about what you teach

I am passionate about teaching mindful movement and awareness of the mind. These go hand in hand and are very powerful tools. 

How would you describe your classes

My classes are creative, fun and challenging. I also enjoy teaching at steady pace to focus on transitions, which I find helps students with concentration and connection. 


Your favourite holiday destination

 Anywhere with nature vibes, but not too hot!


Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

I love getting create with making and editing videos.


What inspires you 

Life experiences of Self and also other people who have been through a lot but yet are able to keep on going with the flow of life. 

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