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200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Yoga Union Bali 

300hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Yoga Union Bali 

Tamara Profile

Why are you passionate about what you teach

Yoga combines everything that I love - movement, mindfulness and connecting with others. It helps me so much in feeling more grounded, balanced, joyful and at ease and I simply love passing this beautiful gift onto others.


How would you describe your classes

My flows are calm, balancing and rather slow, allowing my students to maintain their breath and mindful movements throughout the entire practice. At the same time, my classes are strong and I design them in a way that every single student can challenge themselves and advance their practice.


Your favourite holiday destination



Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

Being outside in nature, whether that is walking, hiking, swimming or just sitting in the sun, enjoying a cool breeze and a nice coffee.


What inspires you 

People who do what they love, who are authentic and free in the expression of who they are. Movement and being in nature - always brings me clarity and new ideas. 

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