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Stacey Queffert

350hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ BodyMindLife

Super Sequencing ~ BodyMindLife

Yoga Philosophy ~ BodyMindLife

Injury Management ~ BodyMindLife

Yoga teacher Stacey Queffert is in a wide leg side stretch to help improve flexibility.

Why are you passionate about what you teach 

Coming from a performing arts, music, and events background, I began yoga five years ago when a friend dragged me to her class. It felt close to home with the asana (physical practice) working alignment and technique, similar to what I felt while dancing. But also the mindfulness of it and helping others with the same.


How would you describe your classes 

My class incorporates things from different styles and stretches, and works the full body.


Your favourite holiday destination 

Byron Bay.

Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

I love to DJ! 

What inspires you 

That energy exchange between teacher and student and geeking out on all things yoga.

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