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Saskia D

Barre Teacher Training ~ Barre Attack

Pilates Cert IV ~ Breathe Education Sydney

Barre instructor Saskia D is in a second position pile, and this improves the leg strength and overall coordination.

Why are you passionate about what you teach 

I love helping people to really move with intention, by getting out of your head and into your body. In connecting movement with breath, you can really get the most of each class and walk out feeling longer, stronger and proud. 


How would you describe your classes 

A creative juicy flow, sprinkled with optional progressions and extra challenges to try, depending on how your body is feeling. I will encourage you to embrace the shakes, dig a little deeper and hold a little longer, all with a smile on my face to get you through the burn.


Your favourite holiday destination 

Kalkan, an old sleepy fishing town on the south coast of Turkey. I haven’t been in years but have very happy memories there.


Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

Hiking and camping weekend adventures with friends. And napping! 

What inspires you

Every day is a new opportunity to grow, explore, rest or reset - and everything in between.

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