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Sam Bailey

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Ashiyana, India
50hr Prana Flow Vinyasa Training ~ Shiva Rea, Greece
50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training ~ BodyMindLife

Yoga teacher Sam Bailey performs a butterfly pose stretch to help improve posture and body awareness. The pose targets the lower back, hip and thigh muscles.

Why are you passionate about what you teach 

After teaching for five years I noticed the disparity and lack of men in yoga classes (often either due to opportunity - less studios catering - or feeling alone and not part of a community) and realised how much the lack of support or classes was contributing to men not being able to have the same opportunity to find practises and community to support them holistically (physically and mentally). I began teaching a mens yoga class and now two years on I am studying to become a mental health counsellor at uni and continue to work with men, offering custom men’s yoga classes that feel inclusive to them and also tailored to what their body needs and in a modern way that uses functional language and speaks naturally more to men. Because men need and should have access to yoga too.


How would you describe your classes

I am passionate about bringing people into an embodied state of 'being,' shifting them out of 'doing' mode and back into full bodied presence. In my classes I like to calm, soothe and guide students into a state of presence so as they begin they can transition to a flow state and feel connected to mindful movement, breath and an inner sense of self. Students can expect good flows, strength building and a deep juicy stretch paired with a hint of philosophy and positive psychology to leave you calm and/or invigorated. In Bro Flow, it’s a functional practise directed at identifying areas in lower or upper body tension, moving in ways that target those areas while weaving in mindfulness, breathwork and deep tissue release.

Your favourite holiday destination 

Santorini, firstly because I am a hopeless romantic, 2nd, because the embodying love training truly transformed how I move, teach and, practise from the heart and lastly, the sunsets and Freddo cappuccinos (IYKYK). Closely followed by Italy.

Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

You can always find me at the beach with a book or in the ocean. I recently tried surfing and loved it and am also working on my strength as a yang balance to yoga, so apparently I also now do pull ups on my off days - alongside my usual headstand routine.

What inspires you

People showing up vulnerable but willing to give something new a go (be it yoga or not!). Willingness to grow, evolve, learn is such an admirable trait in a person as it shows they are brave enough to take a risk because they have a positive hope or intention it will be good for them. I also am inspired so much by children and their ability to deeply love, play, revel in life with an untainted or uninhibited spirit. 

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