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Natan Leijssen

500hr Zenthai Therapist Training ~ Gwyn Williams

150hr Zenthai Flow Facilitator Training ~ Gwyn Williams

100hr Acupressure ~ John Kirkwood

40hr Zenthai Pregnancy Training ~ Merryn Pennington 

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Creature Yoga


Why are you passionate about what you teach

Movement has always been my medicine. From a young martial arts student, a circus enthusiast and later a dedicated yoga practitioner, I have always sought to learn from different modalities and movement facilitators. I eventually discovered a passion for the healing arts, inspiring me to become a Zenthai shiatsu therapist. Besides my work as a therapist I’m passionate about sharing movement as an integrated medicine for body, mind and soul.


How would you describe your classes

I love weaving the Chinese medicine lens into my yoga classes. We use our breath, the yoga poses, fluid flows and our intention to stimulate and balance the inner organs of our body. Our most persistent distractions will always seem justified. Yet when we direct our full attention anywhere, the energy follows. Bringing awareness to unconscious patterns of holding and tension educates the body to heal itself, to relax and to let go.

Your favourite holiday destination 

Mountains! Some of my favourite mountain landscapes are the majestic peaks in Nepal.

Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

One of my favorite rituals are my trips to the blue mountains for hikes and  to collect fresh spring water.


What inspires you 

Nature is my biggest teacher and inspiration.

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