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Liz Hadjia

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ BodyMindLife

50hr The Subtle Practices ~ Creature Yoga

50hr Super Sequencing ~ BodyMindLife

50hr The Art of Anatomy, Assisting and Alignment ~ InYoga

50hr Yin Teacher Training ~ BodyMindLife

Mat & Reformer Pilates Training ~ Unite Health

Yoga and Pilates teacher Liz Hadijia helping students with correct technique and alignment.

Why are you passionate about what you teach 

I’m so passionate about sharing these practices because of how they have helped me. Yoga for its ability to ground me and bring me back to the moment, and Pilates for how it supported me post-injury to feel stability and strength in my body. I truly believe that these movement modalities are able to positively shape our wellbeing in many ways, and that’s what drives me to share classes to support others on their journeys.


How would you describe your classes

In my yoga classes you can expect a moving meditation connecting you to your breath and your inner landscape. My classes are fluid with dance-like movement woven in and often incorporating meditation and pranayama. My sequences are playful and intelligently composed to prepare the body to move towards expansive poses in an accessible way.


In my pilates classes, we’ll flow through a full-body sequence. I’ll move you around the mat to hit all major muscle groups in every class whilst giving you different options to support you to find what works best for your individual body. I love using props to add resistance to build strength and to experience more traditional pilates exercises in new and fun ways.


Overall as a teacher my style is warm and empathetic, and at the core of my teaching is the understanding that our bodies are not projects to endlessly work on; but in fact powerful tools to live our lives. Everyone is welcome to share in the benefits of movement, meditation, pranayama and the philosophy of yoga.


Your favourite holiday destination 

Cyprus, I’m Greek-Cypriot and love the incredible food and the beaches!


Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

At the moment it’s working with clay, creating pieces like incense and candle holders that create a cozy vibe for my home space and practice.


What inspires you 

More than anything it’s my teachers who I’ve had the privilege of studying or practicing with.

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