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Harriet Benjamin

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ The Yoga Union, Bali

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training ~ The Yoga Union, Bali

Why are you passionate about what you teach

Movement was and forever will be my first love! The way we move our bodies in yoga, I have not experienced in any other form of exercise in my lifetime. Yoga invites us to breathe, to move fluidly, to move with intuition, to create energy or to move stagnant energy. To help us flow in ways that offer our inner selves outlets of release. It is a practise that has guided me through so many aspect of life and is the reason why I am so passionate about sharing it with others.

How would you describe your classes 

My yang classes are steady but strong, energising flows that have a focus on mobility and moving functionally. I love being creative when I teach yang classes, inspiring students to activate their bodies in ways they may have never thought of, creating a synergy between physical movement and the mind with our breath.

My yin classes are all about release and letting go. Turning our focus inward and taking a moment to reconnect with ourselves amongst the constant chaos of our lives, cooling down our energy and our minds.

Your favourite holiday destination

If i’m holidaying, i’m holidaying in Italy! There's really nothing better than cheese, pizza, pasta, seafood and gelato after a day in the ocean accompanied by an aperol.

Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

I love to cook! Cooking is my love language, nothing brings me more joy than having a bunch of friends over and making sure they leave with full bellies. I run a small food blog which focuses on the importance of eating whole, real foods that nourish and provide our bodies with energy to be the best version of ourselves. If i’m not making a mess in the kitchen, i’ll be out enjoying the sun swimming, walking or spending too much money at a farmers market!

What inspires you 

I’m constantly inspired by how we can use movement as medicine for our minds and bodies. To be creative, to move intuitively and functionally. To share and cultivate a practice that provides a unique force of energy, learning how to slow down, to breath, to just be. I’m inspired by the idea of moving through life with a sense of groundness, harmony and peace.

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