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Frank Pineiro

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Sukha Mukha

Yoga teacher Frank Pineiro performs a downward facing dog stretch to open the hamstrings, and improve posture.

Why are you passionate about what you teach

I was once a Yoga beginner myself 10 years ago. I learned from as many teachers and yoga styles I could as I was fascinated by it all. I’m passionate, honoured and grateful about sharing these ancient wisdom and techniques that originated over 4000 years ago and are just as relevant today. Yoga is the technique and also the outcome. A journey, a way of life, a shift in consciousness and mood, a healthy and flexible physical body.


How would you describe your classes 

My classes are a mixture of asanas (physical practice), meditation, yoga philosophy, and breathing exercises. You will be invited to harness your breath, let go of thoughts or expectations, to close your eyes,  experience and be. My classes are inclusive and welcoming of those with or without previous experience. A new journey, a new experience starts every day. As the first Yoga sutra 1.1 says, ‘The journey of yoga starts now’ (Atha yoganusasanam).


Your favourite holiday destination

I tend to explore new places each time but my favourite ones are near the sea.


Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

I love sailing and the feeling of being powered by the forces of nature.


What inspires you 

Humility, determination and compassion.

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