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Diana Vassilenko

 200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ BodyMindLife

300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training ~ Love and All is Coming Trainings (LAAIC, Talia Sutra), India

50hr Advanced Energetics Yoga Teacher Training ~ BodyMindLife

30hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ “The Method: Backbending by Talia Sutra”, LAAIC

30hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ “The Method: Flexibility by Talia Sutra”, LAAIC

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training ~ Arhanta Yoga 

50hr Sequencing Yoga Teacher Training ~ Creature yoga

25hr Koshas Yoga Teacher Training ~ Power Living 

10hr Authentic Space Holding Training ~ Luna Josephine

Mat Pilates Teacher Training ~ Studio Pilates


Why are you passionate about what you teach

Yoga is more than a physical practice to me. It is how I live and choose to interact with the world. I am constantly learning and diving deep into the never-ending ancient wisdom of yoga. I find yoga philosophy very grounding and healing, and I believe that everyone should have access to the tools that yoga provides and be the makers of their life. Teaching asana is one of the ways I can honour this beautiful practice and inspire others to lead a fulfilling life. 

How would you describe your classes 

I am into creative, dynamic, and strong sequencing. My key teaching style is a hatha vinyasa spiced up with mobility and strength challenges, elements of power, flexibility and flow, and occasional silly jokes. I am inspired both by the traditional lineages of Hatha Yoga (I am trained in Ghosh lineage) as well as modern creative vinyasa. My classes are all about making my students feel empowered and inspired.

Your favourite holiday destination

Locally, I love visiting the South Coast. Minnamurra and Milton are some of my favourites. Internationally, it’s Kazakhstan, my home country. I love visiting my family for holidays and spending wholesome time together.

Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

I love spending time with my baby cats (especially taking naps with them). I also enjoy going on walks in nature, exploring new places to eat out, and of course my daily sadhana.  

What inspires you

In life, I grasp inspiration from my teachers and trainings, passionate people devoted to their purpose and self-growth, as well as books and movies. 

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