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The Flow Classes

Challenging yet accessible, and importantly, fun.

Barre Burn ~ 45mins

The ultimate burn - combining the beauty of ballet, pilates, cardio and flow - this class will work you up to a sweat, and leave you feeling invigorated and alive. We burn to killer beats, and props usually come along for the ride. Think sliders, bands, balls and weights. Absolutely no ballet or dance experience required! Just a willingness to work the full body.

Power Pilates ~ 45mins

Straight up no boring pilates here! Enjoy a full body sculpt, with a focus on alignment and core, having you feeling energised. We like to mix it up here so at times we’ll throw in some props to add extra spice. Regardless of what’s used, there’ll be flow and there’ll be fun. 

Pilates Flow ~ 45mins

Roll out the mat and mindfully move and open the body. We'll then create some heat with a full body sculpt and tone. The perfect class for those new to pilates, but also dedicated pilates lovers! The class is a little slower than our power pilates class and has a lot less cardio involved. 

Yoga Flow ~ 60mins

A vinyasa style of yoga flow, linking movement with breath to get you in your body, and feeling a sense of groundedness, clarity and calm. A great class to work on your flexibility, but also your strength and coordination. Leave feeling more mindful and connected. 

Yinlicious ~ 60mins

A delicious melt-into-the-floor yin class. Holding postures (all floor-based) for up to seven minutes, be prepared to nourish those deep connective tissues. In these moments, tap into the ever unfolding body-based meditation experience. It’s the perfect reset for the body, mind and heart. Stay open and curious to what unravels. 

Bro Flow ~ 60mins

Designed for men, this is a tailored, beginner friendly, functional yoga class. You’ll move through a series of slow flows (think lunges, planks, downward dogs) to target key areas of tension, while also integrating mindfulness, breathwork and deep tissue stretches. We use props such as blocks and straps to allow for greater stability, and deeper full body stretching. Go tell the boys!

Private Class ~ 60mins

In need of a highly personalised experience? Enjoy a tailored session with Bella Mae. Focusing on either barre, pilates, yoga, yin, pre natal, post natal, injury management/recovery, and/or reiki healing. Sessions are held every Friday and are available for either 1:1 or a duo session. 

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