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Chanel Korhonen 

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Body Mind Life 

50hr Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training ~ Aylan Yoga School x White Peacock Yoga School

Advanced Art of Assists ~ Danielle and David Coulibaly

Mat Pilates Teacher Training ~ Studio Pilates

Reformer Pilates Teacher Training ~ Studio Pilates


Why are you passionate about what you teach

Inspired by my own healing journey, I had a desire to learn more and share these sacred teachings. Yoga helped me find the light again and I hope I can help others do the same. With a background in various movement patterns from running, pilates, boxing and teaching athletes I firmly believes that flexibility is not a requirement of yoga, however it may be an outcome. By finding moments of stillness on the mat, we can create more space, richness and joy in our lives.

How would you describe your classes 

A practice that will harmonise breath with movement, to enable you to find moments of stillness on the mat, to provide a space for you to reflect and just be, without any judgment. My classes focus on getting into asanas safely, however my classes are not about mastering poses, rather moving and flowing with ease and a sense of curiosity, encouraging students to let go of their expectations and open up to the flow of the movement and breath. And a terrible joke or two.

Your favourite holiday destination

Bali, it always feels like coming home to Pachamama. 

Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

Running with the M3GARUN community. Every Sunday morning at 6am, rail hail or shine, we challenge ourselves to run 10kms, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Having the discipline to do hard things consistently, builds confidence in who you are, your values, your ability, your resilience and determination to do hard things. This translates into everyday life, the tougher the challenge the greater the ability for growth. 

What inspires you

I am inspired by the people I am surrounded by, the M3GARUN community and fellow hype lords who constantly challenge themselves and prove they are capable of more, to the amazing yoga teachers i meet at different locations who can hold space for students. 

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