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Camila Velasco

Mat Pilates Teacher Training ~ Fitness Australia

Spin Instructor Training ~ Fitness Australia

Yoga Teacher Training ~ FITREC


Why are you passionate about what you teach

The way I can inspire people is doing what I love. Also helping them find out how far they can go to reach their own goals with exercise, as well as creating a new habit of life through movement.


How would you describe your classes

Definitely a good vibe! I’m always happy doing my classes: I love to push myself to give my best and show you that you can also be better and improve what you do. I also love explaining and correcting posture and body alignment in class!


Your favourite holiday destination 

I’ve been to so many beautiful places, but most of them always with beautiful view, clean beach and crystal water. My favourite destination will always have a beach, that’s what I love the most. 


Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

I’m very active person, so anything that keeps me active I’m definitely in. Love to exercises, weightlifting at the gym, I love to do costal walks, being in contact with nature, I love adrenaline, so any sports that people think “that’s crazy I’m definitely in!’’ I also love to try different food, and for relaxing time, love to chill with a nice movie.

What inspires you

My daughters, everything I do is for them and thinking about them, so I try my best to be a good example in life for them, from everything I eat, being active, exploring things in general, things that is not 'scary' but things that can give them adrenaline, making them to be brave to face the world out there, and make them find out their best version. I love to explore the mind, learning from within out. 

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