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Bridget Muir

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ Sukha Mukha

150hr Advanced Yoga Training ~ Sukha Mukha

15hr Restorative Yoga Training ~ Sukha Mukha 

30hr Accessible Yoga Training ~ Accessible Yoga Association

35hr Yoga for All Certified ~ Yoga for All

32hr Chair Yoga Training ~ LV Chair Yoga Australia

Restorative Yoga teacher Bridget Muir uses several props to help reduce stress and quieten the mind.

Why are you passionate about what you teach 

Restorative yoga has supported me in my journey in many ways. I am passionate about what I teach because I have very much struggled with my own relationship to rest and it has been a process of unpacking and unlearning for me. I am a student first, teacher second, and it is an ongoing process. Looking back I can see how rest has supported me in various ways (parenting, mental health, injury, illness) and I very much wish to share that with others. There is quite a lot of research out there suggesting how important rest is for the nervous system and everyone can benefit from the practice including athletes, corporates, parents and many more.


How would you describe your classes

I invite my students to come as they are - physically, emotionally, energetically. My classes are a brave space for quiet reflection and inner work (expect a rest from the world and the ongoing stimulation around us) as we take restorative asana (yoga poses) that are held between 5-25 minutes in a way that is supported by yoga props and allows the body to surrender. There will be moments of silence, gentle music and/or guided meditation.


Your favourite holiday destination 

The beautiful lake and mountains of Wanaka, Aotearoa/New Zealand.


Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

Being a parent, and besides that, I love reading, listening to music and going for walks. 


What inspires you 

There are so many things that inspire me, it is hard to choose. The first thing that I thought about is my own mother. She absolutely inspires me! She is also a yoga teacher and she encouraged me to do my 200 hours. She was also the one who first suggested that I needed more rest!

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