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Bree Hemsley

200hr Yoga Teacher Training ~ BodyMindLife

50hr Injury Management & Therapeutics ~ BodyMindLife

50hr Embodying Philosophy & Theming ~ BodyMindLife

50hr Art of Assisting ~ BodyMindLife

50hr Pre & Post Natal Yoga ~ Mother Nurture Yoga

Barre Teacher Training ~ Barre Body 

Pre & Postnatal Barre Training ~ Barre Body

Yoga teacher Bree Hemsley is showcasing a flat back to improve the body tone and alignment.

Why are you passionate about what you teach 

I took up yoga as a means to get out of my mind. I am passionate about what I teach as mental health is a big part of my life and I love allowing others the space to turn off from life and be in the moment. I thrive off being able to share this feeling with others and help others to explore possibilities within their own body. Movement as a form of expression and art is what sets my soul on fire. I love how inclusive what I teach can be for everybody, and I aim to bring a sense of achievement, self worth and self love to each student who attends my class. 


How would you describe your classes 

I like to challenge my students to explore movement, asana or exercises that they are out of their comfort zone. My classes are strong but have a real flowy nature to them so the burn sneaks up on you. 


Your favourite holiday destination 

Considering we’re stuck in Covid. Anywhere I can take my Dog and the 4WD and get lost exploring beaches, bush walks and waterfalls. 


Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio 

I am a big coffee lover. Catch me at a new cafe, with a book in hand and enjoying the sunshine. 


What inspires you

What inspires me most is people taking huge leaps in their life. Not being afraid to change and having an open-mind to explore new things and understand others point of view. From there, you can really do anything.

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